Things Toddlers Say

Happy Tuesday, y’all! It’s a great day to share some silly things my kids have been saying. We spent a few days in Charleston for a wedding this past weekend (I’ll be posting about the trip soon!) so lots of these are travel-related – enjoy our funnies!

We are driving past the local baseball stadium…
J: There’s the baseball game! Is anyone playing?
EK: I don’t see anyone!
Me: Yeah, it looks like our team is playing at another team’s stadium today.
J: But it’s such a nice day to play outside.

EK at the aquarium: Look Mom! Alive fish!
Me: That’s why we’re here!

J: Can I look inside your mouth and see what you got?
Hubby: *opens mouth*
J: Hmm. You got a hundred of bof teef.

J: What is orange?
Me: It’s either a color or a fruit.
J: It’s a color!
Me: Well, it’s also a fruit.

EK at my friend Sydney’s house for dinner…
Sydney: Did you know your mom and I have been friends since before you were born?
EK: *dead pan* I don’t believe you.
Sydney: Here’s a picture! (shows her an incriminating picture from 2008)
EK: *straight face*
EK: I don’t like this (fruit salad).
Sydney: Did you try it?
EK: No. My mommy says I don’t have to try things I don’t want to try and I don’t want to disobey her.
Sydney: …..
(That, of course, was pure manipulation and not true.)

Me: What did you build, bud?
J: My town-city!
Me: That’s a really cool city!
J: No, it’s a TOWN-CITY!
Me: Alright. Town-city.

EK in the car: J! Look out your window! There’s a stack of train cars!

D, looking out the window: Where my moon?

J, crying in the back of the car…
Me: What’s wrong, bud?
J: My swaddle is being rude to meeeeee!

J: I haf a hundred cheeses ’cause I’m so hungry!

J’s current confusion: Moles vs. Molars. He’s unsure which is which.

Whelp, that’s it for today! Do you have anything funny your kids say that you can share?

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