Breastfeeding? Bottle Feeding? Your Way Is the Best Way.

This post originally appeared on the Grit and Grace Project.

Being a mother can feel like the most basic thing it’s possible to do. As a woman, your body is the only kind of body that create and nurture a life inside of it, and then nourish it once it leaves the womb. The fact that only women can be pregnant and nurse babies makes it seem as though it’s easy, and it’s possible for everyone.

Well, that just isn’t true.

Some women can’t get pregnant, or can’t carry a child. And the same is true for breastfeeding. It’s not always for every mother and child.

Now, the generally understood medical opinion is that “breast is best” and hippie mamas everywhere will shout it from the mountaintops. However, there are many factors that I urge you to think through before you feel pushed – and dare I say it: shamed – into feeling like nursing is the only option.

I myself am a mama who has done it all. I have nursed. I have pumped. I have bottle fed, formula fed, exclusively pumped, and done any and all combinations of these. Between my three (remarkably well-fed, big and strong) children, I can say I have survived every single combination of feeding a baby that you can imagine, including feeding my child breastmilk from another mother. It’s possible that your baby can be nourished (and flourish!) with any of these methods.

Now that I’ve proclaimed that from personal experience, I will say this: be freed right now (RIGHT NOW!) from the thought that there is “one perfect way” for you and your baby. Shame OFF you, I say! Whatever way your baby is fed is the perfect way for you. Nursing till he’s three? Go, you! Formula fed from day one? I bet she’s perfect! Exclusively pumping, with a little formula at night? He is certainly a sweet little guy! I know countless moms who have fallen under these and other categories, and guess what? They all have healthy babies, and are great moms.

Now, there are definitely pros and cons to each situation. First of all, nursing isn’t comfortable or natural for every woman. Sometimes, you can get past that initial weirdness and discomfort. Some moms don’t, and that’s okay. Second, formula is expensive. Sometimes, you can pay for it, or get coupons, or qualify for WIC. That’s extremely helpful, and gets you the formula you need. Third, if you’re going back to work, you know you’ll either need to pump, or supplement, or both. That’s hard. And it’s okay if you give it a shot and it works, or if you do, and it doesn’t. Breast pumps are a gift and also a nuisance, that’s for sure. Bottle-feeding is nice when you’re out in public, and don’t want to dress in a way that is nursing-friendly, or if you’re on the go and don’t have time for your slow nurser to take an hour to eat. Nursing is awesome because you don’t have to pack a bottle every time you leave the house. See? Something for everyone.

The biggest suggestion I have for new moms is to not feel pressure in one way or the other. Should you try to breastfeed for at least a little while? Absolutely yes. Should you feel bad if there’s a medical reason (or otherwise) that you just can’t make it work? No way. No guilt. Don’t succumb to the guilt that you’re not doing a good job because it didn’t work out the way you planned. It’s 2017 – there are PLENTY of ways for you to nourish that perfect bundle of joy.

2 thoughts on “Breastfeeding? Bottle Feeding? Your Way Is the Best Way.”

  1. I was born with an underdeveloped soft palate (not cleft but more just muscle weakness) which was not diagnosed for years. My mother breastfed me every 60 minutes for 6 months because would get tired before I got full. At 6 months, she can’t remember if she switched me to formula or straight to whole milk, because 33 years later, it doesn’t matter. Would I still have allergies if she kept breastfeeding me? We don’t know. Would I have had fewer ear infections as a kid? We don’t know. It’s ridiculous that something that, in the grand scheme of things, takes up such a small percentage of your life gets so much controversy. There is no bad choice (well, the whole milk option is frowned upon now). Why are we so obsessed with boob vs bottle for the first few months of the kids life and yet how many kids are eating junk food and fast food on a frequent and regular basis for years without the same controversy?

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    1. Exactly. Everyone is eating French fries on the reg so why judge people for what they do? You are a strong and amazing woman, so it doesn’t really matter. Your girls will be the same. 🙌🙌


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