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One Lovely Blog Award!

I am incredibly excited to announce that I was nominated for the One Lovely Blog award! A huge thank you Autumn at Welcome to my World for nominating me! I am truly blessed to have entered the blog world, made friends, shared my story, and been encouraged and challenge by all these wonderful people. I love doing it, so I’ll just keep it up!


The first of my two tasks upon winning this award is to share seven things about myself. So, since I’m better at talking about my kids than myself, I’ll give it a try…

1. I love 80s music. And clothes. And makeup. Yep. I said it.

2. I love Greek food. We have two wonderful Greek restaurants in my town, both of which I frequent. Also, the Greek Orthodox Church here holds a big Greek festival every May, and I LOVE it.

3. I can’t think of any boy names that I like for this next kiddo. My husband has decided on a name he likes, and I CANNOT reconcile myself to it. So I’m stuck.

4. I haven’t had my hair its natural color in several years. Honestly, if it weren’t for both my kids having it, I wouldn’t remember what it was.

5. I’ve never had pets really (I had a hamster. And also I think once we had a fish.) but I truly dislike cats. There aren’t really any cats I can think of that I like, or that have liked me. I don’t really consider myself to be a “dog person” either (probably because I’ve never had one) but I am DEFINITELY not a cat lover.

6. I’ve been planning a mother-themed tattoo – not a silly, cheesy one, but an artistic and meaningful one – but I can’t seem to stay not pregnant and not nursing long enough to actually get it. Maybe after this baby…

7. I get cabin fever really easily. I am a “go out and do things” type person, the opposite of a homebody. If I haven’t left the house all day, I go mad.

My second task is to nominate 15 blogs for this award! I’m not sure I can come up with 15 (several in my “blog circle” have already won it) but I will certainly try!

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10. Dandelion Pie

11. Snarky Momma with Love

Alright, I came up with 11. That’s close to 15, right? I would’ve given some of my favs a second award, but since they’ve already gotten it, I’ll stick with these. Go check them out, because they are all blogs I love! And thanks again, Autumn, for nominating me!

29 Things About Me!

In honor of my turning 29, here are 29 things about me that you might not know. Enjoy!

1. I am not at all nervous about ending my 20s. They were the best years of my life so far- meeting, falling in love with and marrying my husband, my first years teaching music, having my wonderful daughter and sweet son, growing in my relationship with Jesus. Everything about then was basically awesome, so my 30s are gonna be just as good, I’m sure!

2. I’ve got an affinity for Disney movies. I’ve been a huge Disney buff my whole life, and growing up hasn’t squelched my love.

3. I like ethnic foods. Of all kinds. A lot. I love funky flavors, unconventional ingredients and thinking out of the box. Yum.

4. I almost completed a minor in art history. It was really because I was busy that I didn’t. I love art (I don’t make it though, haha) and I could live in a museum and love it.

5. I’m a sucker for a romance novel. That includes everything from the Twilight series (I know, don’t say it) to the Outlander series to straight up trash. I don’t always read them, but sometimes it’s nice to have an easy read, where I don’t have to use my brain but I get completely carried away somewhere else.

6. I’m from Georgia, so I am a Coca-Cola Classic drinker exclusively. I don’t have time for other sodas, especially Pepsi. #gross

7. I love the movies, but I’ve never read anything by Tolkien. This baffles Hubby (and countless others, I’m sure) but every time I’ve tried, his writing is too detailed and meticulous. It’s been a while since I’ve given it a shot though, so it’s on my to-do list to try again.

8. I wear contacts. I’m as blind as a bat, and I mean that very seriously. For instance, they don’t make those fancy thin lenses in my prescription. Four eyes, unite!

9. In addition to drinking a ton of coffee, I also love drinking hot tea. I’m currently drinking a lot of Mighty Leaf teas, which I’m purchasing at Lowe’s Foods. They are so yummy!

10. To go along with #9, I collect teacups from random places in the hopes that I’ll retire with a tea house one day, full of singular, unique teacups.

11. I may lead contemporary worship at a Presbyterian church now, but I grew up in a Baptist church, singing from a hymnal, accompanied by a piano, an organ, and a sanctuary choir. I have such a deep appreciation for both worship styles that if I’m with one for too long, I miss the other.

12. I sometimes (read: often) have a foul mouth. I know. I’m a Christian. I have kids. I should clean it up. You’re right. It’s still pretty bad. It’s always been a vice for me.

13. I’m thinking I should’ve done this project for my 16th birthday, not my 29th.

14. I haven’t always been an in-shape person. I haven’t always eaten healthy. I played volleyball in high school, but didn’t do a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g. when I got to college. I didn’t start doing anything nice for my body again (including getting enough sleep) until I got pregnant with EK in 2011.

15. I have four tattoos. Each one of them is small and discreet, but I’m thinking about getting another that will be much bigger. Haven’t decided exactly what or where yet, but I’m sure I’ll post about it!

16. I’m terrible at math. I always have been, but now that I haven’t been in any sort of math class in six years or so, it’s a little embarrassing how out of practice I am at even the simplest math. Let’s just say I won’t be the one in my house who is able to help my kids with their long division.

17. Two of my favorite colors are coral and turquoise. If you look at my closet, you’d see that right off the bat.

18. I have only just recently started wearing purple again. My elementary, middle and high school all had purple and white as their colors, and I got so burned out on “Darlington purple” that I hated the color for years after I graduated. Only just in the past year or so have I allowed the color back into my life.

19. I love choral music. I’m a big nerd about it, actually. I like to go to see a performance of Messiah every year if I can (there’s a great one here; I went last night!) and I always like visiting churches where there are big choirs, concerts at schools, etc.

20. I like to dress up. I always liked it as a little girl, and that stuck with me. I like putting on a dress, sparkly earrings, and high heels. Especially because I love it when Hubby puts on a suit. He is dashing!

21. I love skiing. I’ve only really been once, and haven’t been able to go back, but it was incredible (we went to Beaver Creek, CO) and I wish I could go every winter.

22. I get a lot of cavities. It’s really annoying. I take great care of my teeth, and still discover one almost every time I go to the dentist. Ugh.

23. I just now downloaded the Timehop app, and I’m immediately loving it. I don’t know why I’ve been watching everyone’s Timehop posts for like a year, and I’m just now getting around to it, but I love it!

24. If I could choose, I’d be a night owl. My city has great night life (music, etc) and I am never sleepy when it’s time to go to bed (as she blogs at 10:39 pm). My kids have just in the past couple of months begun to get up early – around 7 am and yes I know I’m spoiled – and it’s been a tough transition. Hubby and I like to hang out late night, and then are extremely tired when kiddos are pooping and wanting breakfast so early!

25. If I could go to a new place,  it would definitely be somewhere in Europe. I’ve been several places there before, and never to other continents, but I just have more of a heart for Europe’s history and culture. I’d love to see countries I haven’t seen. Maybe Greece, Spain, Scotland, anyone?

26. If I could go back right now to a place I have been before, I’d go to Ireland. I spent a month there in college, and it was one of the most incredible trips I’ve ever taken. I loved every moment of every place and every person I met. Incredible people, culture, food, and tradition. I think I could live there. (Other countries I have visited: Italy, Poland, England.)

27. I love living in North Carolina because I am close enough to the mountains, near enough to the beach, and in (or around) a city that has great things going on. It’s the perfect blend of all the things I love.

28. The chore around the house I like most is vacuuming.  I like to see results. My least favorite? Folding laundry.

29. I am truly surrounded by wonderful people in my family and friends circles. I don’t really feel like there’s much drama (maybe I’ve learned to tune it out) and I genuinely like everyone I hang out with. I’ve been blessed with people who love me well, and who I love well, also. So thankful for that, after years of people coming and going and changing and growing apart. You guys who are my friends now are stuck with me!

Well, I made it all the way through 29. Don’t look for one of these next year because it was tough to talk about myself for that long – I actually wrote this over the span of a few days. Yikes! And now, at 11:00pm on the third day, I’m uploading the post and going to bed. Night!

Just so you know I’m a human, here’s my tired, ready-for-bed face. You’re welcome 🙂


8 Things I Want My Non-Parent Friends to Know

This post also appeared on MyBigJesus.com along with tons of other awesome posts – check them out!

I have lots of non-parent friends. They’re great! I love spending time with them, although sometimes it seems that I don’t get to as often as I’d like. So, non-parents, here’s to you!

1. I still want to hang out. Yes, it might mean you come to me more often than I come to you. Yes, it might mean that I come with one or two little stowaways. Yes, it might take a little more planning. Yes, it might even mean that it’s cut short or cried out by a kid (with me or with someone else). But I still value our relationship. It looks different, but I don’t want it to end.

2. I can still be spontaneous. There’s the odd night that my kids are in bed early, and I am not tired. Yeah, I said it. Sometimes, I want to leave the house at 8:00pm and watch tv with you or catch a late dinner. Give me a break and meet me for a drink, already!

3. I didn’t stop being cool. I still like listening to good music, seeing good movies and eating good food. Why do you assume I only eat chicken nuggets while listening to Raffi?

4. I’m still a woman. Yes, “mommy” is one of my number one defining attributes. However, I’m a wife. I’m a friend. I’m a daughter. I’m a sister. Most of all, (GASP!) I’m a woman. I love wearing mascara, shopping for shoes, sipping lattes and (insert any other cliche about females here).

5. I don’t think less of you because you aren’t in my shoes. Just because you decided not to have kids, or haven’t found your soul mate doesn’t mean I think any less of you. I have friends in every stage of life; I haven’t limited my hangout group to “parents of young kids”.

6. I like to stay up late! I’m still a night owl; I can function on less sleep sometimes. I’m productive and happy at night after my kids go to bed, so call me up or come over for a chat! Don’t assume I crash at 7:30pm when my kids do, because that’s only sometimes true.

7. I love my kids, but I don’t mind leaving them sometimes. In fact, I think it’s healthy for me to have conversations with other adults, have a meal I don’t have to share, and to peepee in the potty without an audience.

8. I would love it if you hung out with my kids. They’re hilarious. I’m proud of them. I want to show them off in their best light, and I also want you to see their off days, so you have a real picture of who I am through these little lives I have created, shaped, loved and let go. Yeah, it might not be for you right now. It might not be for you ever. But being a parent is fun, crazy, hard and rewarding. It’s who I am. It’s the greatest gift God has ever given me, and I do my best to relish it and share it. Get to know my kids, and you get to know me.


Today I’m linking up (belatedly haha) with Hannah at Joyful Life for the next installment of the Currently series. I love building community with these fantastic bloggers who inspire me. Join us!


T H I N K I N G || As you might know, I’ve been training for a 10K that’s on October 25th. I ran 6.23 miles (just a little over) on Monday for the first time – usually I have been doing between 4 and 5 miles – and it killed me. I am still sore. I thought that when I lost the stroller (I usually run with my double jogger and both kids) the last mile and a half would come easily. It didn’t. I managed to finish, but I was really dragging my booty at the end. I’m hoping I can get at least three more of those actual 10k-length runs in between now and the race. I’m not going for a certain time… I just want to finish!

M A K I N G || This makes me think of crafting… but Lord knows I haven’t been doing that. I love to craft, but just haven’t had the time. I will stick with making friends. Building relationships. That’s a good thing to be making, right? I’ve been learning more about the gals in my women’s small group and I love it!

A N T I C I P A T I N G || I’m really looking forward to church this Sunday. I’m leading worship at a different service since J and his cousins are getting baptized, and all of our family will be in town. It’s going to be a joyous occasion all around!

W E A R I N G || Scarves. And. Boots. And. Boots. And. Scarves. Seriously. I’m wrecked because the weather hasn’t really gotten that cool for more than a few hours at a time, so I’m sweating in my boots and scarves. Oh well, it’s October, and I’m in the right and the weather is in the wrong.

T H A N K F U L   F O R || I’m thankful right now for a mother-in-law that I not only get along with really well, but who also speaks truth and goodness into me, Hubby and the kids. She’s a fantastic lady, and she is one of the reasons our family is so darn awesome.

Here’s a little glimpse of our fall photo session from last Saturday. I’ll go into detail about it later… But we love working with Sophie Van Zandt – the best 16-year-old photographer you’ve ever seen! She always cranks out tons of cute photos of my kids and our family.


Things You Don’t Know About Me

Just because I’m new to this, and because y’all don’t know me (see, just because I used that word you know me a little better already!) I’m going to make a list of things you don’t know yet but might want to…

1. I love making lists!
2. I’ve been a teacher for six years, and I’m terrified/excited to be a mostly stay-at-home mom for the next few years.
3. The only pets I had my whole life were hamsters. I still am not sure what to do around others’ pets for the first 20 times I meet them.
4. I went to a women’s college. I didn’t really plan it that way, but it was SO PERFECT for me.
5. I have a temper. Tempers are in my genes. I work on it every day, but God bless my husband and children.
6. I have an iPhone but don’t know how to use it. Some day, I’m going to really get it, but as for now I’m just posting on Instagram (follow me!) and playing Candy Crush.
7. I have one brother. We are almost 7 years apart in age. It’s this situation that made me want to have more than 2 kids and have them way closer together. We’re friends now, but we never played together or hung out much until we were both adults.
8. My birthday is December 13. I was born on a Friday. My daughter’s birthday is April 13. She was also born on a Friday. When I found out my son’s due date was December 29, 2013, and I realized that December 13 was a Friday, I thought SURELY the trifecta would be completed. It wasn’t (his birthday is December 28).
9. I am a very eclectic person; in my personal style, my taste in food/beverages, the music I listen to, and the company I keep, I am always surprising people with how much I truly do enjoy different things. I also enjoy the fact that I have no single label.
10. My first day in a public school was my first day student teaching during my senior year of college. I do not, however, qualify as a snob. Both my parents worked very hard to pay for private school for my brother and me. I appreciate my education more than most people in my situation.
11. I love red wine. Specifically, I love cheap red wine. When the hubby and I go to the grocery store for wine, we have a $10 cap. Our favorite thing to do is go to Whole Foods for wine, because usually they have a featured wine that’s $3 or $4 per bottle. We buy a loose bottle to try it, make sure it doesn’t taste like vinegar, and then we go back for a case. Or two.
12. I have played piano for 21 years. It makes me feel SO OLD to think that I’ve done anything for 21 years. Yikes.
13. I do not subscribe to any certain “parenting philosophy”. I love my kids, and I do what I believe is the best thing for them. There isn’t any one parenting style that fits our family perfectly, and I like it better that way. (I am not a fan of labels. See #9.)
14. I love being near a body of water. Lake, ocean, river, they all make me happy.
15. I’ve recently developed a love for exercising/working out. I’m not a fanatic, but I actually enjoy it now!

There you go. A few things you didn’t know about me. What are some things people might not know about you?