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The Importance of Being Dad

I am blessed to have known many wonderful fathers in my time on this earth. Several of them have been a part of my family at one time or another. I’m going to tell you about two really special ones today, my dad and my husband. Because being a dad is the most important job a man can ever have. Not every man is cut out for it, and not every man gets the privilege. But I’ve got two fantastic dads I can claim, and here’s a little tribute to them today.

My Dad.

Dad and J, making the same silly face!
Dad and I dancing to Soulshine at my wedding. (Note that guitar player back there – Hubby!)

Dad, you have never failed to make me laugh. You have always been funny… and I like to think I got my sense of humor from you. You’ve always blown me away with how smart you are, and how much you’ve accomplished. You taught me how to balance the important things in my life. You taught me how to work hard, and work first. You taught me how to play second, and play hard. You worked so hard to give me everything, and I want you to know I see it, I appreciate it, and I emulate it in my own family now. You took our family on the best trips, got us all the best things, and gave us your very best, even though I know how exhausted you could be. Thanks for giving us all so much of yourself, and for never complaining about it once. You’re the best. Truly.

My Hubby.

I love this sneaky smile while he’s loving on J.
Okay, he’s great at sneaky smiles. I’m expecting J in this one.

You sweep me off my feet, pretty much daily. You have created with me a beautiful life, built on Jesus and love and laughter. You have shown me unconditional love and immense understanding, and you are showing the same patience and kindness to our children. You are the perfect partner for me: in life, in love, in parenting, in work and in play, we are the perfect match. You balance me out, keep me calm and keep me sane. You are an incredible dad, and I can’t wait to see you raise our kids and love them all the way through. Thank you for being you; it’s more than I could ever have dreamed.

Father’s Day

I am blessed with an amazing father. He is kind, loving, supportive, hard-working and loves to party. The combination of the last two attributes are the way in which I am most like him… and I am glad to have both. He is an awesome dad who worked hard to give his kids everything without giving us a sense of entitlement. That is one of the biggest things I hope to instill in my own children. There is a big grey area between not wanting for things, and having excess and no appreciation for it. At times, my childish and immature self may have felt slighted or even angry at having less than I wanted, having to work and behave and study for what I got, but now I look back and know it was 100% for my benefit. He worked hard to give me a private education for which I am incredibly grateful. He was firm but forgiving when I wrecked not one, but two cars during the first few years of driving. He was maybe sad but excited to drop me off at college two states away, and even more sad yet excited to marry me off to a man from the same faraway place.

The man who made a new home for me is the most loving, incredible and Godly man I know. He is encouraging, loving and strong for both me and our children. He is a doting, adoring father, the very image of God as I see him parent our kids. I can’t wait to keep learning from him about unconditional love and forgiveness as we raise our kids together, and also in the way that he treats me. He is truly an awesome human.

There are other wonderful fathers in my life for whom I am thankful. Two grandfathers whom are already in heaven, but loved me dearly. A father-in-law who raised the amazing man that is my husband and contributes to the spoiling of both me and my children. Several pastors who have fathered me through different stages in my life, and now several more pastors who parent alongside me. Men who I have known since boyhood that are now husbands and fathers. Men who I have only known as fathers. Men who are about to become fathers and their excitement is unparalleled. These are the men who should be honored today. Thank a dad. Give him a hug, a high five, a wave. Even if he isn’t yours.

Do you have some dads in your life that you’re thankful for? What makes them great?

My father and my daughter on her 2nd birthday


My Graddy and me, circa 1981

My husband and son

My father-in-law, my son and my niece