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Currently – The New Year’s Edition!

I can’t believe it’s 2017! We are here already, friends, and this year is waiting for no one. After a year of what many are calling “bad luck” (or something worse), I’m ready for a fresh start… and that means the first Currently update of the year! Since it’s the first of the month as well, I’m linking up with Anne In Residence, and Jessica at An Immeasurable Joy. Here’s what I’m currently up to!

Gathering || storage devices and ideas. Every January, I’m overwhelmed at the stuff we accumulated at Christmas. Most of it was either needed (new clothes, for instance), or really wonderful things my kids are loving playing with (this year, it’s dress up clothes). But just making sure that the kids are able to (help) put it away, or that I’m able to keep it organized so I don’t lose my mind when someone asks, “Where is this item?” is imperative for their playtime and my sanity. I’m always looking for hacks on this topic, so fire away if you’ve got some!

Making || a routine and a schedule. I used to love planners when I was a student, but I let them fall by the wayside after college… and my first iPhone. However, EK picked one out for me for Christmas (it happens to be a Lilly one, yay!) and now I’m really excited about using it! I’m going to splurge on a set of nice colored pens, and get to scheduling!

Sipping || Hot, spiced apple cider with a splash of bourbon. It’s been my recent drink of choice, because I love warm drinks in the cold. My friend Mary Catherine introduced me to the phenomenon, and I can’t stop. The spiced cider at Trader Joe’s is yummy (and comes in a huge jug) but I’ve also been happy with the smaller jars I’ve found at Lowe’s Foods.

Resolving || to read more (for pleasure) in 2017, as well as get deeper into the Scriptures. I’ve long been making excuses about why I don’t have time to do these two things (small kids, mostly) but it’s time for me to plan in some quiet moments for both. I’ve always loved reading (I wrote a little about this resolution here) so I’m excited to add that in. And spending more time in the Word is something I always say I’m going to do, but the seasons of actually doing it ebb and flow for me. I have weeks where I am great about it, and weeks where I am not. So I’m praying that this year, I will be able to find a routine in which I can keep up with both.


A new year, and a new Currently to give a little update! I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy, Jenna at Gold & Bloom, and Anne In Residence. In honor of starting 2016 off right, I’ve got a totally organized update for you!
currently button

Resolving || to pray. That’s it. I wrote about it, explaining in a little more detail, but basically, I just want to grow closer to the Lord and rely on Him more.

Reading || Still Harry Potter, and then I want to get into the next thing. Any suggestions? I’ve heard I need to get on the Fifth Wave train…

Organizing || my Christmas things as I put them away. I’ve always been a big fan of the 12 days of Christmas, so I haven’t started putting things up quite yet. Hopefully by the end of this week we will be all sorted out, though. This year, my goal is to actually rid the house of all things Christmas: books (we have a lot), pajamas, ornaments, the whole deal. Wish me luck!

Loving || that it’s finally cold outside! I love turtlenecks, scarves, and coats, and I’m finally wearing all three! Yay!

Craving || Coffee and Prosecco. Those two things are basically my life blood. The only thing I care about is that I drink several bottles of water between the one and the other. It’s a busy time, folks, and I need the boost on both ends!

Partying || for New Year’s! We hosted, since finding a babysitter that night is difficult. We had our besties over, plus a few more, and craziness ensued. What else would happen on NYE? 

we all just stood on the (very sturdy) coffee table so you could see the ball we made.
we don’t have cable, so we fabricated the ball drop.
Hubby and I obviously danced. Obviously.
 Well, there’s my life currently. What are you up to?

One Word for 2016

Last year, I chose a word (okay fine, a phrase) to carry me through the year, instead of making goals I wouldn’t achieve and resolutions I would quickly abandon. I chose the words “Embrace it”, and I do feel like that became a bit of a mantra to just love where I was. 

This year, I feel the Lord leading me towards the word “pray”. Obviously (or I think, anyway) I pray. I pray for my family, my job, myself, strangers, even. But I feel like this year, I’m being led do pray more… pray more often, pray continuously, pray over and about everything. Especially this: Pray first. Not just before making big decisions or facing trials. But pray first each day, pray first before letting the fear in, and pray first succumbing to anger. I will pray before speaking, whenever possible. I will pray for patience, guidance, and help. 

Now those all seem like lofty things to say I will do. It sounds like it’s going to take a lot of effort… But really, what it will take it just doing it. And asking the Lord to help me. Praying that He will find me faithful in this endeavor, and help me to seek Him daily and nightly, and in everything. I am excited to see my life change as I go through the process of seeking Him and finding that He will surely meet me where I am. 

Here’s to 2016, and not a resolution to change on my own, but a call for Him to change me instead. 

2015 – Embrace It

Image from www.123newyear.comImage from http://www.123newyear.com

So, I’ve never been one to make a resolution and stick with it. I typically don’t make resolutions at all. Have you ever done it? Have you even come close? I’m not great at setting goals… I know, that sounds silly. I’m afraid I’d just fail at it, get discouraged, get depressed, and then it’d be all over. I just do what I do, and try to do it well. That’s a goal, right?

Well, I heard a few things this year about resolutions not really being a thing any more, but having a quote or even just one word that you live your year by instead.

I read this post on My Big Jesus (here it is!) by a lovely woman I know, and she had a great take on a New Year’s “word”. She chose “ordinary”. That may seem like underachieving, but truly, it’s providing a blank slate for God to create something really beautiful, wonderful, extraordinary, that’s He has ordained, not me. Not something that I that I’ve heard other people did and thought it might look nice on my social media when you read it.

Leaving myself open to God’s plan isn’t always easy. His road is rarely freshly paved, with wide lanes and glorious views. It can be tough, windy, hilly, and we can feel like we’re low on gas.

But I think I’m gonna intentionally choose to embrace where I am in 2015. I jokingly say sometimes that I feel like I’m constantly on the crazy train, and I should just embrace it because it isn’t going anywhere. But seriously, I want to embrace the crazy – embrace it because it is my “ordinary”. I won’t set unattainable goals, lofty and numerous. I won’t even try my hardest to do what want to do. I’m just going to pray more, and let His Spirit lead me. Saying “yes” to His will is the biggest “resolution”, or “word” to live by. The best part? There will be grace when I fail. There will be forgiveness when I’m not following. There will be room for growth, no matter how I’m doing. And that is where the true blessing is.