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Currently: September!

Y’all! Is that fall I smell in the air?! I am beside myself for a this magical weather. Even if it just lasts until 10:30am, I am so excited for a cool down. It’s a glimpse of what’s to come, surely! Now if the rain would just calm down… but I know that I cannot complain, since those towards the coast are in for much worse pretty soon. 

This month, I’m linking up with Anne in Residence, and Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants for our monthly Currently link party. Leave a comment, or link up and join us! Thanks for stopping by… and here’s what’s going on in my neck of the woods currently…


Celebrating || the start of school! We’ve really amped up this year with our first true school experience (my oldest is off to kindergarten!) and the fact that the baby (age 2) began preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It’s blowing my mind that all three of my kids are in some sort of school! And that they’re even old enough for that to be happening at all… time flies when you’re having fun busy with small children!

Watching || Our TV shows that are starting back up soon! We are excited to continue New Girl and I’ll be glad to get going on This Is Us. We also flew through that new installment of the Netflix Wet Hot American Summer Series (Ronnie Reagan, yikes) while we were on vacation last month, and recently began our trusted favorite show for the hundredth time: Arrested Development (the original, though I’m sure we’ll watch the Netflix add-on of that as well). We’ve also recently watched all the Star Wars movies, and several of them with the kids. They looooooove them. #nerdalert

Welcoming || a little tease of cooler weather! All last week the high was in the mid-70s and I was not sad. I have a new pair of suede booties that are BEGGING to be worn (thanks, Target!) and my scarves have been forlorn in my closet for months. I know that it won’t truly be cold enough for scarves here in NC for at LEAST another six weeks but I am READY!

Preparing || lunches for my kinder-girl and breakfasts for all. I’ve been trying to get some semi-meal planning done, which for me isn’t necessarily preparing a week’s worth of a meal schedule, but more like baking (healthy) muffins for breakfasts (or lunch!) and making twice the amount of (again, healthy) waffles I need in one morning to cover another morning’s breakfast. I pack most of EK’s lunch the night before, since she mostly just snacks for lunch (raw carrot, pretzels, cheese, fruit, maybe a PBJ or a turkey wrap). If I’ve got leftovers I know for sure she’ll eat (here’s looking at you, mac and cheese) I’ll send those along as well.

Photographing || the first day of school, as well as getting a fall photo session booked. I want something updated for Christmas, even if it’s a hot mess like it sorta was last year. It’s still tough to get a nice photo with all five of us in it, and so I usually end up with a collage on our Christmas card. But I’d really like to have something approaching a nice family photo this year. SO – bribery it is! (Jelly beans and M&Ms work best for my brood.) Here are our first day of school photos:

So now, tell me: what’s going on in your world currently?

Life Update on Valentine’s Day!

In honor of proving that I didn’t boycott Valentine’s Day, here are a few (a lot of) photos from the last few days!

EK’s outfit for her preschool Valentine’s party. Heart. Explosion.
Getting together with friends to make gluten and dairy free cupcakes for our valentines!
We thought they were pretty adorable.
We thought they were pretty adorable.
Had to get all cheesy on ya.
Mini cupcakes for the mini-valentines in my life.
Obviously I got the color memo.
Hubby took me to a local production of Pride and Prejudice last night. It was awesome, and it had been so long since I’d seen anything on stage. VERY fun!
This valentine didn’t feel like getting out of his pajamas. And he also felt like eating socks.
Outfit #3 for the win, 80s Gator and all.
J’s actual Valentine’s outfit, as he looks at his cousin on the monitor and begs him to get up and play!

When we got home from playing and visiting, we took a little tour of the basement, and showed the kids their new rooms (we’ve finally decided where everyone will be). So excited to see drywall all finished, and doors and windows installed!

This looks like a construction fail (door leading nowhere?) but it’s actually where they ripped the old stairs out, and haven’t put the new ones in yet. Sorry for the blur – I couldn’t get back against the wall far enough to get the whole thing really.
Hubby posing next to the new window, basically in the laundry room. How adorable.

Tonight we’ve got a birthday dinner for Hubby’s best friend, so we’re hosting a few families for taco night. Should be a blast! What are you doing? How are you celebrating?