Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 5)

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Written at 9.5 weeks pregnant

I’ve decided that the time of year didn’t line up with my time of pregnancy as nicely as with my other two. I want to stay motivated to run and work out, mainly to keep up my energy level but also to not gain weight too quickly… but unfortunately the weather is cold and dreary, and that does NOT motivate me to go for a run. It motivates me to take a nap. Which I do.

Also not helping my feelings/weight/energy level: the holidays. I’m eating like the Kool-Aid guy and I’m probably going to look like him, too. And can everyone say “SUGAR CRASH” with me? S-U-G-A-R C-R-A-S-H, folks. I’m worse than my kids when there are sweets in the house. That’s why when I’m craving something, I make it Paleo or Clean and I don’t keep it around long. I won’t survive this season of cakes and sweet breakfasts. I’ve gained 5 pounds in the past couple of weeks. Oops.

Also getting a little bit annoying are the sleeping habits of my entire family. I know that there are lots of treats being eaten, but not after dinner, and I know there are a lot of people around to play with, but they’ll still be there after nap time. This not sleeping thing is killing me, especially since both of the kids are kicking the last little bit of their runny noses and coughs. The worst of it was last weekend, but they’re lingering, and I know resting well would help. I’m just hoping for the last Christmas miracle of not getting what they have myself.

Anyway, done for now. I know I shouldn’t complain about the holidays, because we are blessed with family and gifts and food and a home to live in. So my bad.

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