Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 4)

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Written at 8 weeks.

I have one word for y’all: headaches.

That’s been the story of my life this round. Exhaustion headaches, caffeine withdrawal headaches (guilty!), especially since new research has come out that argues even the previous “safe amount” of caffeine could be unhealthy for the baby, and I’ve tried to lay off of it completely. So that’s been a bummer. I’ve been squeezing in naps where I can, and taking the pregnancy-safe amount of Tylenol sometimes (I hate taking medicine) to just get through the afternoon/evening. And ready for a bit of TMI? A little pregnancy constipation has forced its way into my life. You’re welcome 🙂

In other news, I have finally shared the news with all members of the families!! Everyone is totally supportive and excited for us, and I feel a huge weight off my shoulders. It is so hard to keep a secret this big!

This time around, I was able to tell some people in person… My mom and brother were already here for Christmas, so they heard in person. Phone call to my dad, who spread word to the rest of our fam. Ryan’s entire fam heard in person, because they were all in town for their annual Christmas party. Several friends got funny, randomly dropped into conversation, announcements, and a few got a calls and texts. It’s been interestingly more sensitive the third time around. With EK, we were so excited we had to share the fastest way… Phone calls all around!

How did y’all tell your loved ones about your pregnancies? In person? Phone call? Cutesie announcement? Party? Low-key lunch date? Accidentally?! I want to hear the story!

2 thoughts on “Pregnant With My Third! (Volume 4)”

  1. Good for you for not using Caffeine! With my third I just couldn’t do it, and allowed myself one cup of coffee in the mornings! People would always say to me, Can you have that? I would just say yep, it’s not going to be healthy for my baby if his mommy goes insane lol!


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