Excited to be linking up with Becky at Choose Happy for the Currently series again this week! Link us with us, and tell us what’s Currently going on with you!

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Thankful for || A few quiet days around the house. Towards the end of last week, things finally got quiet around here. Naps were at home, and therefore longer than they’d been somewhere else.  I took naps, too! Cleaning got done – it was getting pretty bad, but we hadn’t been home long enough to deal with it – and some paperwork is all caught up. Thank goodness for getting over the hammering part of the renovation!

Organizing || Everything in my head. A lot of our stuff is packed in a storage unit out in the back yard, so we can’t even get to it easily. But I’m already deciding how the basement and the kids’ new rooms are going to be arranged and organized. It’s also going to be nicer upstairs, because we will have places for things we haven’t had places for in a while. Specifically, the laundry room and mudroom are going to change our lives, big time.

Watching || The Gruffalo. It was originally a book, but we have discovered the short cartoon on Netflix (which is surprisingly packed with famous voices). It’s J’s favorite thing to watch right now, so we’re watching it a lot. He only has an attention span of about 25 minutes, so he can zone out to this adorable story, and I don’t feel too bad, because he’s not sitting there all day watching episode after episode of Chuggington (or, God forbid, Caillou. Gross.)


Eating || Krispy Kreme donuts. On Valentine’s Day, I wanted some (because they’re the prettiest donuts of the entire year, of course!) so we stopped by and got two dozen. We have shared some, but the leftovers came home with us, and we’re still eating on them. I’m trying to limit myself, but what can I say – the baby loves them..?


Loving || That we might get SNOW this week! The weatherman is calling for it – and we are ready! I’m going through the kids’ closets today to get out our best snow play clothes (they don’t really have ski boots/pants/suits and I don’t feel like buying them for one snow a year) so that we can at least do a little sledding! We’ve got our construction Dumpster at the bottom of our hill, but we will just have to sled around it! I hope we get the 4-6 inches they’re saying to prepare for!

Well, that’s about it in my world… what are you currently up to?

12 thoughts on “Currently”

  1. I’d love to only have 4-6″ of snow right now!

    I never let my girls watch Caillou but sometimes they would watch at day care. Luckily they never got hooked on it there.


    1. I wish I could say we had gotten the snow they told us we’d get. We got about an inch and a half of snow, and then another inch of ice. It was a bit of a let down, haha. And I’ve only watched one episode of Caillou ever, but it was so terrible that I wish I’d never seen it. Phew!


    1. I totally agree about Netflix! And I love getting suggestions from other people about what to watch – sometimes I need something different than what I’d pick on my own. And yes, go get yourself some donuts right now. I feel like it’s a good treat from time to time!


  2. I was just reading an article about Krispy Kreme UK and during their half term break they advertised one day as KKK Day (Krispy Kreme Klub) but it was a major snafu and they had to take the image down and change it! Gave me a good chuckle no one thought about it before posting the image, but really got me craving Krispy Kreme…wish I lived in the UK not continental Europe hahaha


  3. We will have to check that out on Netflix, I think my kids would like it!!
    Mmmmm donuts! They look delicious!
    We have plenty of snow & cold here in Wisconsin, I will send it your way! haha
    Thank you so much for joining my link up! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!


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