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Y’all. It’s already February! How can that possibly be? I feel like Christmas just happened. January got a complete pass this year. Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl?! (There is a right and wrong answer, by the way..) We will obviously cheer for the Panthers, Peyton Manning or not. Go Cam! 

 Anyway, here is a little bit of what’s been going on in my life. I’m linking up with Becky like I do every week, and with Jenna and Anne since it’s the first week of the month. Comment or link up and let us know what’s going on with you currently!

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Reading || Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. It’s real, and it’s encouraging. If you’ve got little children, it’s a must.  

Eating || cilantro and kale salad! And maybe also some huevos rancheros. I’ve been eating eggs like they’re the newest, coolest thing, and on top of a cilantro and kale salad is a perfect place for a couple sunny-side ups with some tangy citrus vinaigrette. Just sayin’. 

Dreaming || of skiing. I know it’s out of the question this year, but the snow we had last week was a reminder of how much I’d love to be on some slopes!img_5772

Hearting || Bethel. I’m drinking in their music right now, and losing myself in “In Over My Head (Crash Over Me)”. Go give it a listen; you’ll be glad you did.

Enjoying || this warmer weather! I know I just said I’d like to be skiing, but I must say, going outside without jackets has its appeal. It’s short-lived, I know, but I’m loving it. I got outside and vacuumed out my car, and let the kids run free. It was glorious.

So tell me… what have you been up to currently?


Happy Monday! I missed last week, so I’m glad to be back on the bandwagon for Currently today! I’m linking up with Becky and the group, and talking about our winter wonderland here in NC! Join us so we can see what you’re up to currently!

Playing || in the snow! It’s been lovely having enough snow to actually play in! It was a little too icy to make snowmen or snowballs, but we sledded three days in a row! That’s a record for me, y’all.   

 Drinking || new beers. There’s a new growler store in town, and they have an impressive array of craft and local beers! I’m swapping growlers at least once a week to try new things. Yum!  

Enjoying || a few days off. While it can be frustrating to be thrown off (I didn’t even know what day it was this weekend), it’s nice to have your plans cancelled for you, your time freed up, and the ability to stray from the norm. Our kids napped late, went to bed late, and slept late for a few days. We all played outside, which we typically don’t do when it’s frigid (and not snowy, anyway). We ate chili and soup and drank hot chocolate almost exclusively. Those are things you get to enjoy when you’re  snowed in that you don’t allow yourself to indulge in too often. 

Watching || football! I’ve not watched much NFL ever, but we’ve been indulging in some Panthers football this season. While I don’t pretend to have been a Panthers fan all my life (I’m not even from NC, ya know?) it’s been fun to follow some football, and cheer for a team who is now going to the Super Bowl!  What a great excuse to watch a little more football!  

Well, did you have snow where you are? Are you still stuck? Let’s hear what you’re up to!

Getting My Groove Back

This post also appeared on My Big Jesus!

This isn’t just a cutsie post about how I took a little while after the holidays to find my regularly scheduled rhythm. This is a post about how mid-winter, when the holiday rush is done, but spring has yet to begin, there is a slump. I don’t just mean in the school year (though as a former teacher, I know that is REAL) or the weather (also stupidly cold) but just in life in general. Coming down off a joyous season of celebration, family, friends, and the Lord’s goodness, I’m experiencing sadness – a bit of a Christmas hangover, if you will. 

I was chatting with a friend a few days ago about how much more difficult it is to put Christmas decorations away than it is to get them out. You’d think it would be the same amount of work, and it might actually be. But it’s much harder to put them away because you’re just packing away sparkly, festive happiness. I mean, who wouldn’t be a little bummed about that? Have lots of parties, listen to happy music, see everything shining and twinkling, and then all of a sudden, pack all the joy away and return to the dead of winter? Ugh. Hubby ended up putting away the last of our decorations, with the help of his mom, one day while I was out. I had gotten halfway done, and just… couldn’t finish. Boxes and packing paper were strewn about, the tree was mostly devoid of ornaments but not totally. It just felt sad every time I thought about getting everything packed away, and I’ll be totally honest… I’d been using the still-lit tree as a nightlight.

So naturally, I’ve been dragging myself, slowly but surely, out of said slump. I’ve been trying to jazz myself up by making some fun plans for the kids and I to enjoy. I’m trying to not feel as though the winter has already peaked. 

And then yesterday morning, a Sunday, when I got out of bed – at the 9th snooze – there was the most perfect distinct g of snow on the ground. My daughter – from window to window, with the excitement of a kid on Christmas morning. I had forgotten what a few snow flurries will do for a child. The joy was tangible. It spread from person to person, until everyone in the house was so excited, we had to ask whether church was canceled, in case we could go outside to play. The contagious excitement and healing laughter jerked me right out of my emotional recession and into a renewed inflation of joy.  

 What if the joy of the Lord could spread like that? Just a little, from person to person to person… brightening her day here and calming his fears there. What if you let the little things fill you up with unspeakable joy that others could witness in your very countenance? Let the childlike faith overcome you and your post-holiday slump, and keep the joy in your everyday life, mundane tasks, and passive interactions with others. How many lives could you change? How might you entertain angels unawares? How often would you welcome the stranger that might just be Jesus? 


Life just keeps on happening, folks. The busyness never goes away, so I’m just gonna take it head on and see who wins! Here’s a little update for what’s going on around here… I’m joining Becky in her link up as usual, so tell us what’s going on with you, too!currently button

Loving || the My Big Jesus podcasts. I was very behind, and I totally just spent a couple hours catching up. Hilarious, and even more hilarious because I know these guys. Check it out!

Learning || with some sensory play! We took some ideas from Pinterest about pine cleaners and strainers, and patterns with beads. They’re a hit, even if for a short time. 

Anticipating || some snow! I know we’re going to get some, but in NC, it may be a few more weeks yet. Or it could be tomorrow. Buuuuuuut the weather here changes every 30 seconds, so we’ll see.

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Playing || Spades! If you’ve never played, but you like card games, you should definitely start. It’s a four player game only, so it’s perfect for playing with couple friends. We’ve got two sets of people we play with pretty often, and I must say, I’m getting better!

Working || for a friend’s business making cold calls to possible clients. I love talking to people, so why not?! It’ll be a fun way to make a little extra cash and help out my friend. Has anyone ever done cold calls before?

Excited || to start the women’s service back up at my church this week! They take a 6 week break around the holidays, but Thursday is the first one of 2016! I’m excited to get that back into my routine, because I love the extra worship, and I adore the women in my small group. (The teachings are available here in case you’d like to watch/listen! They’re awesome!)

Well, what’s going on in your life? Tell me all about it!


Excited to be linking up with Becky at Choose Happy for the Currently series again this week! Link us with us, and tell us what’s Currently going on with you!

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Thankful for || A few quiet days around the house. Towards the end of last week, things finally got quiet around here. Naps were at home, and therefore longer than they’d been somewhere else.  I took naps, too! Cleaning got done – it was getting pretty bad, but we hadn’t been home long enough to deal with it – and some paperwork is all caught up. Thank goodness for getting over the hammering part of the renovation!

Organizing || Everything in my head. A lot of our stuff is packed in a storage unit out in the back yard, so we can’t even get to it easily. But I’m already deciding how the basement and the kids’ new rooms are going to be arranged and organized. It’s also going to be nicer upstairs, because we will have places for things we haven’t had places for in a while. Specifically, the laundry room and mudroom are going to change our lives, big time.

Watching || The Gruffalo. It was originally a book, but we have discovered the short cartoon on Netflix (which is surprisingly packed with famous voices). It’s J’s favorite thing to watch right now, so we’re watching it a lot. He only has an attention span of about 25 minutes, so he can zone out to this adorable story, and I don’t feel too bad, because he’s not sitting there all day watching episode after episode of Chuggington (or, God forbid, Caillou. Gross.)


Eating || Krispy Kreme donuts. On Valentine’s Day, I wanted some (because they’re the prettiest donuts of the entire year, of course!) so we stopped by and got two dozen. We have shared some, but the leftovers came home with us, and we’re still eating on them. I’m trying to limit myself, but what can I say – the baby loves them..?


Loving || That we might get SNOW this week! The weatherman is calling for it – and we are ready! I’m going through the kids’ closets today to get out our best snow play clothes (they don’t really have ski boots/pants/suits and I don’t feel like buying them for one snow a year) so that we can at least do a little sledding! We’ve got our construction Dumpster at the bottom of our hill, but we will just have to sled around it! I hope we get the 4-6 inches they’re saying to prepare for!

Well, that’s about it in my world… what are you currently up to?