Basement Update and Weekend Plans!

These past two weeks have been full of exciting new things in our home! The wall upstairs has been torn out and finished off, painting is happening upstairs today, bathroom light fixtures are in, and most of the tile is finished. Hardwood floors go in on Monday, as well as the stairwell light fixture (which is the cool barrel-like one I mentioned here) and hopefully the laundry room backsplash! 

Tile detail in the shower – I love it!

Torn out wall and new “accent” wall color, without really being an accent.

Halfway painted hallway and treacherously hanging light fixture.

 Our upstairs living room furniture is moving downstairs (comfy, dark brown pleather sofa and loveseat) to make room for this new couch we just bought and whatever else we find!  This weekend will be a little bit crazy, because my parents are coming into town. They are so sweet to not complain about sleeping on an air mattress in the living room! We will all be going to Finnigan’s Wake’s St. Patrick’s Day party all day tomorrow (bands, great Irish food, local Irish dancers – several of whom I know, and of course, Guinness. 

It’s a blast, and if you’re local, you should come, too!

I’m sure I’ll have tons of pictures tomorrow to post, so stay tuned for lots of green!

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