First Ever Friday Feats and Fails!

I found this link-up party through a blogger friend, and decided it sounded fun! Just summing up my week in a list of feats and fails – so naturally I love it. List-making + bragging + making fun of myself  = total win. (By the way, I want you to know that when I typed “win” just now, I typed “wine” first. My fingers know what I’d like to be doing right now.) It’s hosted by Ash at More Than Cheese and Beer, and Jeanine at Jsack Mom Blog. You should join us!


Let’s get those fails out of the way first:

– I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream. At first, this sounds like a good thing. I promise you it isn’t.

– Besides ice cream, my main food groups this week have been tacos and pizza. I need to reign it in big time, or else I’m going to be a whale long before the third trimester.

– Because of the work in the basement coming into our hallway and living room, everything is covered in dust. EVERYTHING.

– I have overslept several times this week, which has been lovely until I’m running late for something… like church or preschool. Neat.

– Daylight savings time has thrown off my life by throwing off the lives of  my children. Why do we do this, again?

– Let’s be honest…that first feats and fails graphic is pretty bad. I’ll do a better one next time, ha!

And now for some fantastic feats:

+ Dinner out with both kids tonight went PERFECTLY. It was amazing – everyone ate well, there was no whining or tears, and we took a quick trip to the Dollar Store to get some shamrock necklaces to boost our St. Patty’s spirit tomorrow. FOR THE WIN!

+ Painting upstairs looks amazing!

+ The washer and dryer got hooked up this afternoon! Hellooooooo, laundry in my own home again!

+ My parents arrived for the weekend… bearing oatmeal cookies. Yay!

+ The weather this week was glorious. Kids played outside a lot, I/we got to go on several walks, and there’s been limited heat/air running. I call that a total feat!

+ Tomorrow is going to be one of my favorite days of the year! I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day! (I’d love it more if I could drink all the Guinness, but I’ll take it.)


What were your feats and fails this week?!

8 thoughts on “First Ever Friday Feats and Fails!”

  1. Thank you so much for linking up Whitney! I think it’s awesome you got to sleep in all week, but it sucks it made you late. I abhor daylight savings time!!! It usually takes me two weeks to adjust to it. Then another two weeks before I feel human again. It’s actually proven there’s more accidents in that two weeks after the time change. I read a study somewhere which made me proclaim too legit!!! Kudos to you for having your laundry facilities up and running again. I’ve been there and done that, with having to go the laundromat route. And its usually when my kids had the flu. Ugh here’s to getting through the week and St. Patty’s day festivities. I’m 1/3 third Irish and it’s my favorite day too. 😊❤️🍀


    1. Yeah we had a week where the stomach flu went through our house and I had to wash the laundry twice since I couldn’t just put it in immediately. Ugh haha. And yes, today was a blast! 🙂 cheers to the second week of daylight savings and getting used to life again, haha!

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      1. I can’t stand DLST I’m already a Mombie but getting used to new biorhythms really sucks. Stomach flu+plane ride+ broken washer worst two weeks of my life. 😳


  2. Ha I love that you typed “wine.” I am sooo ready for a big honkin glass of it (preferably delivered to my bedside in the delivery room.) One of my fails was also ice cream/unnecessary eating this week. I feel so much bigger with this baby and I am also trying to reign it in a little…but man, the sweet tooth with this pregnancy is a force all its own! My feat this week was kicking off Mystery Mama and seeing it start to come to fruition..I’m not ashamed to say I’m pretty darn proud of it 🙂


    1. I’d say MM is a HUGE feat! It’s been amazing! I wish I was creative as some of those other gals who are making adorable things haha. But I’m going to really search my creativity to come up with a good and well-done craft by the end!

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