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Happy Monday! This week I’m linking up with Becky at Choose Happy and our other friends to bring you another Currently! I hope you’ll comment or link up with us and let us know what you’re up to right now!IMG_0614

Recovering || from the stomach bug. I guess it’s going around, and I had it on Saturday. I was supposed to be going to a wedding that night and was in no shape to do so! All things considered, it could’ve been much worse, but who likes the stomach bug anyway? Basically, I drank a lot of ginger ale.

Celebrating || St. Patrick’s Day! Normally we have a big weekend event we go to, where Hubby’s Irish band plays, but it didn’t happen this year. So we have a small thing we are doing on Thursday after I get the kids from school. I’m excited to keep celebrating, even if it isn’t the normal thing. Good news: Hubby is still playing!

This is when we were at the pub a couple of weeks ago… D was already wearing his swag!

Loving || having the windows open! Specifically, this window in my bedroom. The tree outside is covered in blooms! I know it’s a short-lived thing, but I love it. And I’m not allergic to it, so it’s even better!

Watching || my boys interact. They’re so funny, and they love each other. J can’t wait for D to be a little more rough and tumble… I have to pull him off of D a lot, haha. But D tries to follow him around, and it’s adorable.  And just this morning, D tried to pull up on the couch and it almost worked – so it won’t be long!

D is now a professional crawler.

Photographing || meals. EK keeps asking me to take a picture while she’s eating, or pictures of the boys taking bites, so I have a camera roll full of eating. Ha!


This one is my favorite.

This Currently reminds me that it’s often possible to take immense pleasure in simple things, like brother love and only one person in your family getting the stomach bug. What a wonderful life I am blessed with, and what a generous God has provided and entrusted this family to me!

St. Patrick’s Celebration!

What a fun day we had at our St. Patrick’s Day event! Everyone put on their green best, shamrock necklaces and tutus (well, EK did) and ate delicious traditional Irish food (breakfast, lunch and dinner!), sang Irish tunes, drank some Guinness, and visited with old friends.

This is still at home, but it’s the only picture of her whole outfit!
They don’t make many adorable shirts for bigger boys. All that “first St. Patty’s Day” and “Kiss Me I’m Irish” stuff stops for boys around 18 month size. He’s clearly a little past that.
A little post-breakfast table selfie.
Boys being boys.
The Bedlam Boys is the name of the Irish band Hubby plays in, and they always kill it at the big party each year.
Tim Finnigan, waking from the dead! (The party is called “The Wake” and it’s based on the song “Finnigan’s Wake” – obviously what the pub is named after.)

Let me tell you a little background about this pub we love so dearly. It first opened in 2006, but I first went there in 2007 – my senior year of college. I knew it first as a bar, but it’s always been a restaurant, too. My first visit was with Hubby, who took me there for our first hangout. They’ve got a lovely back porch to spend time on, in addition to the pub inside. It’s always been a spot for dates ever since we’ve been together, whether the whole date is there, the beginning or the end. The summer we got married, we did this thing called the “90 Day Club”. At the time, the rules were just that you came to the pub, every day in a row for 90 days. It didn’t matter if or what you bought, it just matter that you walked in the door. We did it the two summers after that, also, becoming the only couple (or person) to do three separate 90-day runs. We’re kind of a big deal. Ha. We finished the last time a few weeks pregnant with EK, so she became known as the first 90 Day Baby, and her one-week birthday was celebrated having dinner at the pub.

Ever since spending 90 days in a row there, and getting to know the bartenders, wait staff, and owners, it’s felt like family when we’re there. Hubby’s band plays there a couple times a month, and it’s a favorite lunch spot or dinner place to go with our kids.

That being said, one of our favorite days of the year is the big St. Patrick’s party, so naturally, our kids will grow up having that as their big celebration every March.

First Ever Friday Feats and Fails!

I found this link-up party through a blogger friend, and decided it sounded fun! Just summing up my week in a list of feats and fails – so naturally I love it. List-making + bragging + making fun of myself  = total win. (By the way, I want you to know that when I typed “win” just now, I typed “wine” first. My fingers know what I’d like to be doing right now.) It’s hosted by Ash at More Than Cheese and Beer, and Jeanine at Jsack Mom Blog. You should join us!


Let’s get those fails out of the way first:

– I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream. At first, this sounds like a good thing. I promise you it isn’t.

– Besides ice cream, my main food groups this week have been tacos and pizza. I need to reign it in big time, or else I’m going to be a whale long before the third trimester.

– Because of the work in the basement coming into our hallway and living room, everything is covered in dust. EVERYTHING.

– I have overslept several times this week, which has been lovely until I’m running late for something… like church or preschool. Neat.

– Daylight savings time has thrown off my life by throwing off the lives of  my children. Why do we do this, again?

– Let’s be honest…that first feats and fails graphic is pretty bad. I’ll do a better one next time, ha!

And now for some fantastic feats:

+ Dinner out with both kids tonight went PERFECTLY. It was amazing – everyone ate well, there was no whining or tears, and we took a quick trip to the Dollar Store to get some shamrock necklaces to boost our St. Patty’s spirit tomorrow. FOR THE WIN!

+ Painting upstairs looks amazing!

+ The washer and dryer got hooked up this afternoon! Hellooooooo, laundry in my own home again!

+ My parents arrived for the weekend… bearing oatmeal cookies. Yay!

+ The weather this week was glorious. Kids played outside a lot, I/we got to go on several walks, and there’s been limited heat/air running. I call that a total feat!

+ Tomorrow is going to be one of my favorite days of the year! I LOVE St. Patrick’s Day! (I’d love it more if I could drink all the Guinness, but I’ll take it.)


What were your feats and fails this week?!

Basement Update and Weekend Plans!

These past two weeks have been full of exciting new things in our home! The wall upstairs has been torn out and finished off, painting is happening upstairs today, bathroom light fixtures are in, and most of the tile is finished. Hardwood floors go in on Monday, as well as the stairwell light fixture (which is the cool barrel-like one I mentioned here) and hopefully the laundry room backsplash! 

Tile detail in the shower – I love it!

Torn out wall and new “accent” wall color, without really being an accent.

Halfway painted hallway and treacherously hanging light fixture.

 Our upstairs living room furniture is moving downstairs (comfy, dark brown pleather sofa and loveseat) to make room for this new couch we just bought and whatever else we find!  This weekend will be a little bit crazy, because my parents are coming into town. They are so sweet to not complain about sleeping on an air mattress in the living room! We will all be going to Finnigan’s Wake’s St. Patrick’s Day party all day tomorrow (bands, great Irish food, local Irish dancers – several of whom I know, and of course, Guinness. 

It’s a blast, and if you’re local, you should come, too!

I’m sure I’ll have tons of pictures tomorrow to post, so stay tuned for lots of green!