5 Things I Can Do Now That I’m a Parent

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Now That I'm a Parent...

There are some things that I do now that I would have never done before I had kids. There are some things that I do still more, now that I don’t work full time and I spend a lot more time with the kiddos. You might say I’ve had a bit of a etiquette backslide, but I’m enjoying it.

1. Snack all day. Mealtime is now about the kids, so I eat a little of whatever I fix them (mostly healthy) and then snack around whenever I’m hungry. When I say “snack around”, I mean snack around corners, behind closed doors, and in small increments. I can’t share those Cheetos.

2. Wear clothes even when they aren’t exactly clean. At this point in my journey, my life goal is to cut down on laundry. The more times I wear those yoga pants, the better. Because they’re black, that’s one more wear. And that toddler-height smear on the thigh? It’s definitely only a few minutes old. I haven’t had a chance to change yet.

3. Pass on the shower. I don’t mean that I never shower, or that I don’t like to be clean. On the contrary, now that it’s less a part of my routine and more like a luxury, I like it even more. I’ll tell you a little secret: when you see me with my hair pinned back, it’s because I haven’t showered since I’ve slept. It’s my thing.

4. Talk to myself. I never did this a whole lot, but ever since I had my first baby, I’ve felt like reading to them, talking to them and singing to them was good for them and for me. Now that it’s been three years of this, I’m used to narrating my life. So often, you may hear me giving a running commentary even when no one is around. This also may branch out to making a song out of basically any activity; included activities made into songs at my house include putting on socks/shoes, brushing our teeth, rocking in a rocking chair, and washing our hair, to name a few. Just let me have this one, okay?

5. Pee with the door open. In my house, this is a matter of safety. I need to shout commands, and be able to hear every sound my kids make at all times. If the door is closed, I’m suddenly in the dark about the mischief-making of my kids.

What do you do now that you’re a parent that you didn’t do before?

18 thoughts on “5 Things I Can Do Now That I’m a Parent”

  1. Oh, showering and toilet breaks are such nuisances nowadays, aren’t they? And sleep – who needs that? πŸ™‚ Although, now that my youngest one is above two, I realize from time to time that on some occasions it’s easier than before. Maybe, there’s a chance that one day I will be able to sleep as much as I want or shower as long as I want?

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  2. Oh that last one! I actually miss the days when i could lock the door using the bathroom. Guilty of 1 & 4 as well lol! Although, I have to say, post motherhood, I’ve become a lot healthier because whatever I want to eat, bub will steal from me. Ive actually stopped buying things like chocolate and ice creams 😦

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      1. Agreed. My daughter is only 1yrs old and we live in an apartment, which basically means i cant even play hide and seek to get some alone time for sneaky snacking hahaha

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  3. I loved your list Whitney! One thing that I do as a parent is cuddle up on the couch just to nap with my son. It might start out with cartoons that run on a loop and then drifting off for a delightful nap time. 😴

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      1. Losing nap time sucks there’s no way to sugar coat it. So it’s a blessing to me when it happens. Sleep disorders know how how to put that damper on regular sleep patterns. I count my blessings and thank God when I do get more shut eye than usual. πŸŒŸπŸ™

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