Things Toddlers Say

 Happy Tuesday!

Reasons my son is crying:

 Because he wanted to sit in the doll stroller, but as he sat down, it rolled away. He landed in the exact position he is shown in here.

Sibling sameness: This is definitely a season of mimicking. Anything EK can do, J (thinks he) can do better.

Hubby has been making pourover coffee recently, and boiling his water in a stove top kettle. Every time the kettle whistles, EK shouts: “Daaaaaad! Your coffee’s dooooooone!” Which of course isn’t strictly true… But it’s still adorable that she’s yelling that all through the house.

Life of a nursing mother…
EK: Mom, do you have milk in your boobs?
Me: …yes…

J: Mommy?
Me: Yes?
J: Umm… I… (jabbering to finish the sentence).
I think it’s adorable that he starts with “Umm” and “I…” When he starts a sentence.

EK had a friend over the other day, who was playing a “game” on one of our old cell phones we keep as toy phones (that have had dead batteries for years). He was telling us about the “game” he was playing…
S: This is a zombies game!
Hubby: Zombies?
S: Yeah! About zombies!
Hubby: What kind of zombies?
S: Ebola zombies!
Everyone: ???

EK, unprompted, jumping up from the dinner table: Okay, I’m gonna go get my things!
(Goes to get some blocks.)
EK: Okay! I got my things! (Silence) Ahem! I got my things!!!
Everyone: ….?

Here’s a little gem my mom told me about: EK kept getting up out of bed, and saying she needed to poop. That’s her new thing she knows will buy her a few minutes out of bed, because we’re too scared to send her back to bed without trying to go. (Ain’t nobody got time to clean up a poopsplosion.) So my mom took her to the bathroom – no poop – and she put her back to bed. As she was tucking her in…
Necie (my mom): I love you, even if you are a stinker who likes to push your mom’s buttons.
EK: I looooooove to push Mom’s buttons!
Girl after my own heart, right?

Because lunch…

EK: I want a butter shammick! 

(That’s threenager code for “peanut butter sandwich”.)

On Sunday, my mother-in-law picked EK up for a play date. A few minutes after they had left, I got this text from her: We got home and Joe is up on the roof trying to put some silicone where we had a leak the other day. Ella Kate got out of the car and said, “Gon Gon, what in the world are you doing up on that roof, silly?! Now you be careful up there!” 

Hubby was cleaning up our storage room while I put the big kids to bed, and as I went to tell him they were down for the night, EK pranced in behind me. Naturally, she requested a daddy snuggle, and I said he’d have to figure out how to get out of there in a few minutes. Her response…

EK: Yeah, Daddy’s gonna have to jump right over that bathtub! (The baby bathtub.) He’s gonna jump right over it like a rabbit! Then he’s going to turn INTO a rabbit! Then I’ll never see my dad again. 

Me: ….Okay, well, I’ll send him in for a kiss in a minute… (Whaaaa?!)
What’s your toddler been saying?!

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