A Much-Needed Vacation

You might have noticed a little silence around this corner of the internet. Well, that’s because I took a vacation. It wasn’t a vacation in the tropics, or at a theme park. It was actually in Texas. But I went without my kids. Hubby and I spent five wonderful days and four extremely restful nights in the great, big state of Texas, celebrating the Dallas wedding of a dear friend and discovering Austin with some family. (If you follow me on Instagram, you probably figured all this out on your own.)

I’ll be writing about this a little more, but I just wanted to give you the Cliff’s Notes of why I’d been so quiet. My amazing mom kept our kids while we were traveling, eating, drinking and sight-seeing. She was a little too busy to write down every hilarious thing the kids said, but I’ll be including some of her additions in next week’s Things Toddlers Say. I’ll also fill you in on how horribly they slept while we were away, and how we try to get them back in the groove of “real life”. AND I’ll even do a big write up on Texas and what we did while we were there! (Especially since you might recall I did one on Fort Worth after we were there this past December.)

All that to say, thanks for hanging around and missing me while I was off the grid. Currently, Toddlers, and my weekly My Big Jesus contribution will all be back next week. Till then, here are a few pictures to hold you over:

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